Black Badge is for those who reject conformity and live on their own terms. It’s for the innovators, trailblazers, rule-breakers — and above all — those who dare. Black Badge is an audacious alter ego, designed with enhanced torque, power, and control. Experience the responsiveness of dynamic handling. Wherever the night takes you, expect unrivalled capability and finesse. Emerge from the shadows with custom colourways and personalised features that defy convention. Make a statement with daring accents. These are icons, intensified.

A statement of infinite power. An emblem once marked historical water-speed records. A hallmark trusted by adrenaline pioneers. Now, an icon of Black Badge.


Black Badge Ghost lives after dark, igniting the rebel within. Powerful, agile, and fearless, it is the most potent manifestation of Rolls-Royce motor car yet — a drive defined by unrelenting force and finesse. More engaging gear ratios, all-wheel drive, and all-wheel steer offer the most responsive and dynamic drive the marque has ever achieved — with the smoothest Magic Carpet Ride sensation imaginable.

When the purity of Ghost combines with the rebellious aura of Black Badge, an intense metamorphosis takes place. The result is unimaginable — and made for those who dare. Reframe your perspective of the path ahead with the Illuminated Grille’s evocative light. Guided through darkened cityscapes, set yourself free with every journey.

Presenting the most capable Rolls-Royce motor car ever — an imposing force with unforeseen finesse. A conduit for absolute control. Behind its wheel, the velvet night welcomes you in and the city becomes your personal playground. Experience aura, intensified. Be drawn in by a tremendous presence that commands attention and respect.

Every last element, designed with unrelenting perfection. Equipped with fine-tuned dynamic handling, the suspension is now more exacting and responsive than ever before. Additional power and torque. Enhanced Magic Carpet Ride sensation.


The Illuminated Fascia is spellbinding. When Black Badge Ghost activates, the Black Badge infinity symbol emerges from the fascia’s void with a mesmerising, starlit display. Enlivened by motion, the Shooting Star Headliner’s immersive glow transports you to a world of cosmic darkness.

The infinity symbol is an icon of Black Badge. Inlaid by hand between the rear seats, it reminds us of the infinite possibilities that darkness provides. Through innovative craftmanship, Technical Fibre embellishes the interior with a distinctive and bold new design.

Filling the cabin with a gentle glow and a sense of wonder, the Starlight Headliner contains a total of 1,183 ‘stars’ – 799 white and 384 blue – each individually placed in the leather canvas through perforated holes, precisely chalked and punched by hand. To add to the Headliner’s mystique and ambiance, the twinkling effect of the fibre-optic ‘stars’ is further enhanced for an even more enchanting glow.

With ‘Blue Shadow’, we have taken the marque’s fabled Starlight Headliner to an even more stellar level: an intricate Moon embroidery, surrounded by an array of ‘stars’, teleports the passengers to the edge of space. Representing the Moon’s surface with its multitude of craters in three dimensions, the embroidery incorporates five different colours of thread, each applied with a different technique to produce a distinctive texture.