This is freedom absolute. The first all-terrain SUV from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars makes luxury off-road travel a reality for the first time. Pinnacle luxury is now effortless, everywhere. Share unforgettable adventures in the company of friends. With its spacious interior, Cullinan accommodates every traveller in unparalleled comfort.

Cullinan is an all-terrain, all-season SUV. Drivers journey in confidence, knowing that Cullinan’s limitless performance capability underpins every excursion. Within Cullinan’s generous cabin, passengers are safe, secure, and supremely comfortable. Discover new horizons with ease. Venture beyond your comfort zone – in uncompromised comfort. Within Cullinan’s palatial Suite, you are cosseted from the elements in pure luxury.

155 mph
4.7 s
0-60 MPH
592 hp
664 lb-ft

Iconic motifs speak to a heritage of excellence, enhancing Cullinan’s formidable presence with pinnacle luxury. This is a motor car is inimitably, authentically luxury. Cullinan’s iconic Spirit of Ecstasy rides high, gliding forward into daring new terrains.

Design your own entrance with a personal message or insignia, discreetly engraved onto your treadplates. The Pantheon grille, an elegant masterpiece of optical illusion and genius design is perceived by the human eye to be perfectly straight from any angle.

Umbrellas are stored in the doors, which include a drainage channel to help dry from urban or wild adventures alike. There is also the option to choose Commissioned Collection umbrellas to match your Cullinan perfectly. Designed to make a definitive entrance or exit with effortless ease, gracefully closing at the touch of a button.

Hand-crafted elegance meets your own personal taste, where textures and colours can be tailored to your vision. The Self-righting Wheel Centres ensure the Rolls-Royce badges on your Cullinan’s wheels always remain in their proper positions. Finely tuned by experts for the acoustic signature of Cullinan, the 18-speaker Bespoke Audio System produces the smoothest, purest sounds imaginable.


At the touch of a button, two exquisitely finished leather seats and a cocktail table are deployed from the luggage compartment. The Bespoke Viewing Suite gives you the best seat in the house for the finest views in the world, as you enjoy the vista in supreme luxury. Cullinan’s Immersive Seating option makes Cullinan the only SUV with a glass partition between luggage compartment and rear passengers.

Ultimate refinement, ensuring unparalleled sound installation and uninterrupted comfort. This is your private retreat to arrange as you wish. Together with the raising of the luggage compartment floor, this creates a smooth surface and a versatile space for a items in many different shapes and sizes.

The tilting and retractable sunroof glides open at a single button press to reveal the endless panorama of the sky above. Versatile, elevated seating for up to three people in the rear allows passengers to enjoy viewing landscapes previously unreachable in such luxury. Envelop yourself in sublime comfort while enjoying the commanding view from Cullinan’s rear seats, swathed in the world’s finest leather. An indulgent configuration for two passengers.

The Immersive Seating option allows you to simply lean back and unwind as the massage seats cosset you in ultimate luxury. Then toast the occasion with a drink from the Champagne cooler or whisky decanter housed in the centre console, which also contains either two champagne flutes or whisky glasses.