Express your unique character with Ghost — a pristine blank canvas for personalisation. Its minimalist sensibility and pure aesthetic presents infinite Bespoke possibilities for every individual. Through ambitious creativity, transform Ghost into a singular statement that boldly reflects your colourful personality.

Ghost presents a world of boundless potential. Its purity liberates the imagination, inviting you to craft a motor car that is a complete original. There are no limits to what Ghost can become — all one has to do is imagine. Each Ghost is as unique as its owner — yours and yours alone. Infuse its pure canvas with dynamism and express your personality in every detail.

155 mph
0-60 MPH
563 HP
575 lb.ft

The esteemed Spirit of Ecstasy gracefully emerges directly through the bonnet. Her silhouette is realised with a selection of striking materials, ensuring her powerful stance complements your character and any exterior finish. Adorn the tyres with a classic white pinstripe and radiate elegance while in motion. At the wheel’s centre, self-levelling monogram is circled by a delicate halo of colour chosen upon commission.

The high-gloss Illuminated Fascia is a masterful display of mesmerising craftsmanship. When Ghost is in operation, the wordmark is enlivened by the brilliance of 850 three-dimensional stars. When Ghost is at rest, the star field dims, and the fascia seemingly disappears into the abyss of the night. Ghost’s minimalist sentiment flows seamlessly from exterior to interior. Personalise its refined cabin with colours and details that speak to your style.


A flash of personality against pristine leather. Embellish your seats and headrests with vibrant stitching and piping.Innovative Effortless Doors open and close with ease. Placing them in motion requires only the smallest gesture, leaving the initiator with the sense of being assisted by a considerate, built-in chauffeur.

Ghost’s Architecture of Luxury — the aluminium spaceframe underpinning the model — has a high acoustic impendence that eliminates all external noise. Whether listening to studio-quality sound from the Bespoke Audio system or driving in serene silence, Ghost’s cabin is tuned to your personal frequency.